Jan 20, 2017


She awoke and realized that her arms were being held up over the head, attached to a rope going up to the vaulted ceiling.

She noticed that her huge firm breasts were tied up tighlty as well, making them stick out and the nipples were more erect and harder than she had ever felt them before.

Her ankles had been tied to her upper thighs with her high heels still on and she straddling him on her knees.

Is was when she notest that she was naked down below and she was hovering above the largest, longest, hardest rubber cock she’d ever seen.

Then… almost in panic, she realise the ropes slowly let her down and the tip of that massive rubber black dildo was beginning to split her pussy lips. 

Cm by Cm, the device come into her as she moan and scream as she was slowy impaled on that 24 cm cock.

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