Oct 30, 2014


Amber is beginning to think she’s going nuts because she keeps finding different bound and gagged women in each room of her company! 

Cory is the employee trying to calm her down and also attempting to convince her to sign over her financial holdings! 

Is Cory responsible for Amber’s ‘delusions,’ is Amber really losing it, or is someone else holding the ropes? 

This bondage mystery is chock full of tied up beauties along the way to the gag-packed conclusion! Highly recommended.

Oct 27, 2014


Production year: 2002
Genre: Bondage
Length: 1:18:02
Directed by: Jon Woods
Studio: Harmony Concepts
Cast: Darla Crane, Amber Michaels, Josie Perez, Cassandra Knight, Brandy Dean, Zana

Description: The sparks fly when two ambitious newspaper reporters (Darla and Amber) with a longstanding rivalry compete for the same story. But a strange twist of fate leaves them both bound, gagged and helpless! 

Enter a mysterious masked stranger, who spirits them away and promises the scoop of a lifetime if they'll agree to play his bizarre game. But their consensual captor has his own hidden agenda...

Onscreen tying and gagging highlight this story, which also features Josie Perez, Cassandra Knight, Brandy Dean and Zana. 

Oct 26, 2014


 As Jewell searches for her lost puppy, she innocently wanders through an open door... 

unaware of the kinky secrets that lie beyond the threshold, Jewell finds herself in an inescapable situation!

Oct 25, 2014


Starring Hollywood, Jewell Marceau, Darby Daniels,
Amber Michaels, Shannon Kelly, Julie Simone, and introducing Sasha!

Picture the classic Banner Girl! 6 inch skyscraper heels over honey colored stockings.
Her tight mini-skirt barely covers her lacy panties.
She's busting out of her push up bra, probably because her elbows are strapped tight behind her back.
Her lipsticked mouth is packed with an intruding ball gag.
In this 21 scene/103 minute video,
7 Banner Girl's are strictly tied and controlled by other women, vamps with extraordinary skills in bondage and sexual teasing.

Oct 24, 2014



Jewell Abducted: Jewell was minding her own business when a hooded man abducts her and carries her in a sack to his lair. 

She is subjected to various forms of bondage and torment, including spankings, nipple torture, gags and rubber confinements. 

Will Jewell escape? 

Does she even want to? Watch to find out the exciting climaxes!

Oct 22, 2014


A long time lover of bondage and fetish, Jewell Marceau also hides an unspoken desire to have her way with her two girlfriends, Victoria Channing, and Tanya Danielle. Deciding to at last make that dream come true, Jewell enlists the assistance of her boyfriend, Dr. BDSM, and invites her friends over to see her shoe collection. The unsuspecting Tanya and Victoria find themselves stripped and tied tight! Jewell's appetite for the two only grows, as she explores all the secret fantasies she's been harboring for years! 

Oct 21, 2014


imagebam.comTied and gagged, she is a captive in her own apartment, her home, her nest, the one place she should feel safe and secure. Her refuge and sanctuary has become a place of imprisonment. As she writhes in her bonds, her grunts of effort muted by her gag, she glances across her bedroom into her dresser mirror, and sees with shock the extent of her helplessness and vulnerability: tight coils of cotton clothesline encircle her body, pressing into her tender young flesh, immobilizing her arms and legs and violating her pussy. Her body no longer hers, she lies on her bed, all too aware that she has been reduced to a defenseless object of lust, to be cruelly used at the whim of her captor, should he desire. She glances nervously at the man who has bound her into submission. Will he abuse her? Will she be molested? Will she be raped or sodomized? Will she be tortured? Or worse, will she blow the audition?
Annis has always interviewed potential models at his home, but since Angelina had no transportation, he packed up his "bag of tricks" and gave her a break (we would have liked to do the shoot at her place also, for variety, but her apartment was too small for photography). Although she never admitted to a yen for being tied, she was very open-minded and playful, cheerfully offering to demonstrate her flexibility and tolerance for pain by inviting Annis to test her limits with an "audition" bondage. As job interviews go, this tops the weirdmeter. Imagine yourself tying up and gagging a girl you've only just met, in the privacy of her home, hoping none of her friends or neighbors decide to "just drop by", and hoping she's not a "froot loop." Ah well, cute young bondage models don't grow on trees, so sometimes ya gotta take a chance.
Although a first-time model, Angelina handled the shoot like a pro, tolerating tight ropes and following direction without complaint, even exhibiting a laughing enthusiasm, for just what we're not sure: for being tied up?... or did she just get a kick out of being so "politically incorrect"? She was greatly amused at the way her "cooter" (as she referred to it) extruded so "aggressively" (her term) from the hole that Annis had cut out of her pantyhose, laughing gleefully every time she looked at it, even while gagged. And she loved the severe look of the elbows-together bondage, checking it out repeatedly in the mirror. Yet, despite all this, she was endearingly shy, which is why there aren't many explicit "cooter" shots. She'd cover up, and Annis didn't notice in the rush to get her on film before the ropes kicked her ass.
It's a shame that Angelina's full, sexy lips were pressed so tightly against the ballgag, but she was grimmacing in pain from the cruelly tight leg bondage. No hard feelings, though; she not only requested another shoot, she convinced two of her friends to call us!
Annis loves helping the babes embrace their latent perversions! Woof! 


Don't be fooled by her innocent face - Amber's a bondage junkie.  The rebelliously kinky black sheep of her conservative family, she revels in her dedication to depravity.  Her idea of romantic foreplay is a nice strict hogtie.   When she's not trussed-up and gagged, she's fantasizing about the next opportunity.   Her sex dreams are often bondage-oriented.  She's compulsively attracted to images of tied up women and owns a sizeable collection of bondage magazines.  Her ex-husband, to her delight, would regularly bind and gag her for hours.  Fortunately for us, since her divorce a year ago, the petite subbie hasn't been getting any bondage action, so when Amber saw our ad for models she was ready!
      Ironically, despite having an extremely enthusiastic captive, Annis was prevented by a comedy of errors from filming more than one bondage position and gag.

To begin with, Amber arrived late, due to an inexperienced cabbie, on a day when she was available for only a few hours. (Annis didn't want to reschedule, having learned that to do so drastically increased the chances of losing a potential model due to "second thoughts".)   Secondly, distracted by his captive's response to his slow, teasing insertion of a one and a half inch by eight inch long vibrating dildo, Annis failed to notice that he hadn't fully fastened one of the side straps of the gag, necessitating a time consuming reshoot.  (Claiming that her long hair obscured his view, he neglects to mention that it's also difficult to see with one's head up one's ass.  Woof!).  Thirdly, Amber overdosed on her pain medication, a muscle relaxant that she'd brought along to increase her tolerance for Annis' not-so-gentle bondage style (she knew from the interview that she wouldn't be able to handle having her elbows forced so closely together without drugs).  By the time Annis untied her she was starting to feel pretty loopy and, because of her job schedule, couldn't wait around to continue the shoot when she recovered.
      So, not much variety but bondage so stringent and immobilizing that this helpless captive couldn't even roll over without assistance.  A fair trade off.  Amber, however, was a trifle disappointed; she'd been hoping Annis would have time to treat her to a nice efficient hogtie, just to make her feel at home.
      By the way, this is the only modeling, to date, that our Amber's ever done.  She's never had any desire to get in front of a camera but since this was the only way that she could sample Annis' ropework, she was forced to become an exhibitionist.  Now that she's had a taste of expert bondage (and made money at it), we wouldn't be surprised if the little perv popped up on some other bondage site!  Let us know if you spot her!



 Discover the allure of the equestrienne at the exclusive Harmony Riding Academy! 

Five hot horsewomen are securely gagged and stringently tethered in their drum-tight riding pants and calf-hugging black boots in 13 vignettes that are sure to get you racing! 

In a special bonus scene, newcomer Natali is saddle-tied in her girdle and riding helmet when her neglected boyfriend thinks she spends too much time on the trails. Make tracks now because this one’s rarin’ to go!

Oct 20, 2014



Jewell tries her hand at fulfilling her fantasy of playing 'Dom' with the wrong girl!

Fiery redhead, Lydia shows Jewell what it takes to be a real Dom and puts Jewell back in her place!


Harmony's blonde bombshell Stacy Burke is a college student who has taken on a summer job of house-sitting. While on the phone with a girlfriend, she hears a noise. Next thing she knows she is grabbed by a masked burglar (!) who demands to know where her money and jewelry is kept. 

She pleads, explaining that she is only a house sitter and has no idea of where any valuables would be kept. Not believing her, the burglar binds and gags her and searches the house. 

During his search, the devious intruder finds the real owners personal bondage equipment, (straitjacket, ballgags, rope)! He confronts Stacy with it, and she swears she knows nothing. Then he uses it on her! 

Some on-screen tying, and the usual on-screen packing of the mouth, along with escape attempts and great squirming and mmmphing by Stacy make this an action packed video. Following the storyline are three energized vignettes of new model Karie Almond. You don't want to miss these two beautiful women in bondage action!

Oct 19, 2014


The sexy Jewell Marceau begins the erotic excitement for you by trying on and peeling off her latex clothing. 

Then she gets herself nice and wet with her own vibrator while hooded and stroking her strapped on cock at the same time. 

After Jewell orgasms, she continues to stroke her huge, long cock and shows you exactly how she wants you to jack off until you cum in just the way she wants!


Enter the Seductive World where High Fashion Latex and Strict Bondage Collide…

Sexual Icon Summer Cummings is chained nightly to her bed, unable to satisfy her lust driven tensions. Her dreams are explosively sensual, provocative and very naughty.

Scene after scene of Summer and her extremely enticing girlfriends---encased in skintight latex and spandex, lashed, hooded and constrained by bondage Master Banner and Mistress Julie Simone.

Straining sensually against their unforgiving bonds, moaning softly into their suppressing gags, these absurdly voluptuous women crave release in more ways then one!

Oct 17, 2014


Keywords: tight rope bondage, breast bondage, crotch rope, drooling, struggling, spread eagle, ass play, butt plug, inflatable enema plugs, enema douche, enema bag, spanking, humiliation, fondling, whimpering, submission, Fem Dom, harness gag, ring gag, licking, pussy teasing.

Description: Jewell Marceau calls for an agent to help her rent her house, knowing all the while that she would be calling the sexy Dia Zerva to come over and evaluate her property. Once Dia arrives Jewell shows her deep inside the house so she can quickly knock her out and get her strictly tied. Shortly after, Jewell’s sadistic enema games begin and her plan to bind and package poor Dia for sale slowly unfolds!


Favorite Ball Gags And Hogties: Clothed, corseted, or naked, but almost always with a ballgag, Jewell struggles against her ropes with an endless flood of drool.


Jewell Marceau dominates Seven with a twinkle in her eye. 

Thinking her friend is a submissive charge over, Jewell takes full advantage of Seven by keeping her straped until Jewell’s vagina is thoroughly satisfied. Then Seven gives Jewell a taste of her own medicine!



Jewel Marceau struggles in her vibrating see-through latex straight jacket, as she awaits the arrival of the devious minded Mistress Nicolette! 

Poor Jewell paces herself as she endures various tests, punishments, and ENORMOUS rewards from her Mistress.

All the while, deep down inside, Jewell loves every minute of getting pumped by various rubber objects! 

Watch Jewell squirm, struggle, and scream in pain and pleasure in this incredible steamy, hot, new movie release!