Feb 20, 2014


 A delectable double feature of denuded damsels!

Superstar Jenni Lee is grabbed by a crazed director and compelled to star in his next movie in which the blonde bombshell is stringently bound (onscreen), gagged and exposed!

Supervillainess Nightshade (Cleo Nichole) grabs P.I. Sybil for a showdown with her alter ego, The Lady Guardian. But when Sybil learns the villainess is holding detective Misty Grayson, she must submit to the evil woman's twisted plan for revenge. Can the humiliated heroine triumph?

Feb 18, 2014


Slave Exchanges: Jewell always loves to invite her girlfriends over for a bit of naughty fun, but she sometimes runs into difficulty getting them to play bondage games with her.

Watch how Jewell attempts to fulfill her bondage fantasies and have her way with the sexy, but stubborn, Tanya Daielle, and the lovely damsel in distress, Victoria Channing.


 As Jewell searches for her lost puppy, she innocently wanders through an open door... 

unaware of the kinky secrets that lie beyond the threshold, Jewell finds herself in an inescapable situation!

Jan 25, 2014

CV-128 "Code 1299"

Starring Jordan Berlin—with Lindsey Sinclaire

Jordan, a secret agent for a clandestine government agency, gets into all kinds of trouble!! 

Undercover, she becomes a model, a lawyer, a waitress, and finally a very sexy cop. But the results are the same—captured, tied up, gagged, and left to struggle.

Filled with capture scenes, furious struggles, very tight bondage—it’s what you expect from Jordan AND gorgeous Lindsey in some great “damsel in distress” action—with bombs, babes & bondage!!!

Jan 21, 2014


You never know what you'll find in "The Closet of Fear"! 

Alexis Taylor portrays a past life researcher who finds the perfect test subject in Sass Lyn, who's led one very interesting past life! 

Once the evil "underground one" is released from a multimillenia sleep, all bondage breaks loose as both Alexis and Sass are tied in chairs (for the sake of the experiment!), bed-tied, Sass is bound with straps and hops around trying to escape, and finally is tied and hidden in a closet! 

Also in the closet can be found Angelique Lei and Sadie Belle, who end up hopping and trying almost anything to get free! 

Other recipients of foul play include Linda Friday chair-tied in her dressing room, then hopping for help (with a non-bondage cameo by Amber Michaels), Josie Perez in a see through red dress and tight hogtie, Alex Foxe bound and gagged extremely tightly, and last but not least, Jewell Marceau is firmly frog-tied and wrap gagged.


Jan 19, 2014


Release Year: 2003
Studio: Devonshire Productions
Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Latex, Rubber, Torture, Domination & Submission, Bondage Erotica
Video language: English

Expect a very ultimate and creative bondage movie featured some incredible tight steel chain bondage, cruel suspensions, spandex encasement, and a massive variety of gags!for the actual connoisseurs of the category!Very Horny Rare bondage movie.

Jan 18, 2014

CV-120 "RAMSON!"

Starring: Kristi Lee

Gorgeous Kristi is back in two dramatic stories of abduction & bondage.

Lying bound and gagged, the sexy dark-haired girl manages to loosen the circles of rope tying her ankles.  Desperate, still tied and gagged, she tries to slip past her captor—not a good idea!!!

In the second story, after being overpowered and tightly tied and gagged, she is forced to strip at gunpoint and lashed to her own bed as her captor finds new ways to tie and gag her. A beautiful victim—two exciting stories—tight bondage!!!

Jan 17, 2014


Hollywood is a sexy but "straight" model who takes a bondage job by mistake. 

The shoot is for the "Got Rope" ad campaign, and before she knows it she is tied again and again. Not only is she stripped topless and forced to endure the tightest of ropes, but she has to put up with aggressive ad executive Alex Foxe, who is all over her with her hands and complaints. In the end, Alex is stripped, bound,and gagged to shut up her endless chatter. 

Then SHE becomes the model seen in the national ad. Next, Jewell Marceau is getting bondage tapes from her girlfriends...they want her to join the fun. She visits Jack Banner with the tapes, and after they watch the videos of Sage, Karina, Goldie, Talia and Shandy (Sage and Shandy making their Harmony debut!), Jewell is securely tied on camera. Following are 6 vignettes of the hottest women in bondage. Last is a vintage tape (never seen before) from the vaults. Both Eve Ellis and Tasha Welch are topless and extremely sexy...they are slowly tied face to face...the squirming and moaning will drive you crazy...the really a must see video! 

Onscreen tying, tight bras and tighter elbow ropes. Towering high heels, sheer stockings, skimpy blouses and short skirts. Highly recommended..

Jan 13, 2014




Starring : A Covey of Captured Cuties 

It’s been a while but here is another collection of tape tied beauties. 

All your favorite ladies are here---all tightly taped. Duct tape—electrical tape - medical tape, AND featuring a lot of on-screen taping and gagging. 

Nearly two hours of gorgeous women and tape-tape-tape!!!!

Jan 11, 2014


Production year: 2002
Genre: Bondage
Length: 1:18:02
Directed by: Jon Woods
Studio: Harmony Concepts
Cast: Darla Crane, Amber Michaels, Josie Perez, Cassandra Knight, Brandy Dean, Zana

Description: The sparks fly when two ambitious newspaper reporters (Darla and Amber) with a longstanding rivalry compete for the same story. But a strange twist of fate leaves them both bound, gagged and helpless! 

Enter a mysterious masked stranger, who spirits them away and promises the scoop of a lifetime if they'll agree to play his bizarre game. But their consensual captor has his own hidden agenda...

Onscreen tying and gagging highlight this story, which also features Josie Perez, Cassandra Knight, Brandy Dean and Zana. 


Keywords: tight, rope bondage, ball gag, penis gag, blindfold, ball tie, reverse prayer, breast bondage, spreader bar, enema play, butt plug, inflatable enema plug, straight jacket, inspection, vaginal and anal penetration, humiliation, bare feet, knock out, stripping, and much more!

Description: Jewell Marceau has captured the beautiful Bobbi Star by knocking her out and proceeds to strip the poor girl out of her clothes and tie her up before she awakens. 

Jewell does not stop there! 

Her devious plan to give Bobbi Star endless enemas is completely fulfilled, as Jewell stretches out Bobbi’s ass with butt plugs and then steadily fills her full of fluid. 

Bobbi must endure her unfortunate situation in hopes that she might finally be released to go home. But alas, that greedy Jewell has already sold Bobbi to the highest bidder on the market!

Jan 10, 2014


Amber is beginning to think she’s going nuts because she keeps finding different bound and gagged women in each room of her company! 

Cory is the employee trying to calm her down and also attempting to convince her to sign over her financial holdings! 

Is Cory responsible for Amber’s ‘delusions,’ is Amber really losing it, or is someone else holding the ropes? 

This bondage mystery is chock full of tied up beauties along the way to the gag-packed conclusion! Highly recommended.