Nov 15, 2014


Year: 1998
Genre: Bondage
Duration: 00:33:03
Directed by: Michael Walker
Studio: Harmony Concepts
Cast: Catherine Beaumont, Morgan Phoenix

Description: Actress Morgan is on her Way to the Audition of a lifetime When her Look-Alike Roommate Catharine decides she'd like to Have a chance at the role, Without Morgan There as competition. She jumps, wrestles, strips, ties and gags poor Morgan, takes her resumy and runs off to the audition, leaving Morgan to spend the afternoon engaged in a futile struggle for freedom. Catharine returns after failing the audition and releases Morgan. Morgan, her stage now set for revenge, takes the opportunity to enjoy a free dinner with Catharine's blind date. Tying her friend spread-eagle to the bed, Morgan dresses for dinner and leaves.She returns to find Catharine's freed herself - and a bondage inspired Catharine chair-ties her blonde buddy. Thank goodness Morgan's boyfriend arrives in time to tie the two battling blondes in chairs face-to-face and stop their crazy competition.

Nov 11, 2014


Keywords: tight, rope bondage, ball gag, penis gag, blindfold, ball tie, reverse prayer, breast bondage, spreader bar, enema play, butt plug, inflatable enema plug, straight jacket, inspection, vaginal and anal penetration, humiliation, bare feet, knock out, stripping, and much more!

Description: Jewell Marceau has captured the beautiful Bobbi Star by knocking her out and proceeds to strip the poor girl out of her clothes and tie her up before she awakens. 

Jewell does not stop there! 

Her devious plan to give Bobbi Star endless enemas is completely fulfilled, as Jewell stretches out Bobbi’s ass with butt plugs and then steadily fills her full of fluid. 

Bobbi must endure her unfortunate situation in hopes that she might finally be released to go home. But alas, that greedy Jewell has already sold Bobbi to the highest bidder on the market!


Nov 9, 2014


You never know what you'll find in "The Closet of Fear"! 

Alexis Taylor portrays a past life researcher who finds the perfect test subject in Sass Lyn, who's led one very interesting past life! 

Once the evil "underground one" is released from a multimillenia sleep, all bondage breaks loose as both Alexis and Sass are tied in chairs (for the sake of the experiment!), bed-tied, Sass is bound with straps and hops around trying to escape, and finally is tied and hidden in a closet! 

Also in the closet can be found Angelique Lei and Sadie Belle, who end up hopping and trying almost anything to get free! 

Other recipients of foul play include Linda Friday chair-tied in her dressing room, then hopping for help (with a non-bondage cameo by Amber Michaels), Josie Perez in a see through red dress and tight hogtie, Alex Foxe bound and gagged extremely tightly, and last but not least, Jewell Marceau is firmly frog-tied and wrap gagged.




Starring Amber Michaels, Cory Lane
with Ryan Conner, Summer Cummings, Mary Jane, Angelique Lei,
Carolyn Monroe, Ander Page and Chanta Rose

Amber is beginning to think she’s going nuts because she keeps finding different bound and gagged women in each room of her company! 

Cory is the employee trying to calm her down and also attempting to convince her to sign over her financial holdings! Is Cory responsible for Amber’s ‘delusions,’ is Amber really losing it, or is someone else holding the ropes?

This bondage mystery is chock full of tied up beauties along the way to the gag-packed conclusion! Highly recommended.

Directed by Oak O'Kork


Hollywood is a sexy but "straight" model who takes a bondage job by mistake. 

The shoot is for the "Got Rope" ad campaign, and before she knows it she is tied again and again. Not only is she stripped topless and forced to endure the tightest of ropes, but she has to put up with aggressive ad executive Alex Foxe, who is all over her with her hands and complaints. In the end, Alex is stripped, bound,and gagged to shut up her endless chatter. 

Then SHE becomes the model seen in the national ad. Next, Jewell Marceau is getting bondage tapes from her girlfriends...they want her to join the fun. She visits Jack Banner with the tapes, and after they watch the videos of Sage, Karina, Goldie, Talia and Shandy (Sage and Shandy making their Harmony debut!), Jewell is securely tied on camera. Following are 6 vignettes of the hottest women in bondage. Last is a vintage tape (never seen before) from the vaults. Both Eve Ellis and Tasha Welch are topless and extremely sexy...they are slowly tied face to face...the squirming and moaning will drive you crazy...the really a must see video! 

Onscreen tying, tight bras and tighter elbow ropes. Towering high heels, sheer stockings, skimpy blouses and short skirts. Highly recommended..


Jewell Marceau recently ordered her very own "Stacy Doll" and it has just arrived! Excited by her new sex toy, Jewell proceeds to the bedroom to try it out. The "Stacy Doll" is programmed to make Jewell's kinkiest bondage fantasies come true and even cums with a lifetime guarantee!

Nov 8, 2014


Stars: Jewell Marceau, Darby

Jewell Marceau has an uncontrollable fetish for long hair. She coaxes her girlfriend Darby to strip, then quickly binds her wrists and elbows with rope and proceeds to worship the trapped girl's luscious locks! Taking great care to brush these silky strands, Jewell immerses her face and breasts in Darby's soft hair getting herself all turned on for more intimate play. Both women enjoy this exchange of submission, and worship!



Nov 7, 2014


Starring: Miss Eve Kathleen White Black Lady Matthew Black Sanya Pride

Enter the twisted minds of Alex D and Miss Eve in "Time To Play" where two dominant rubber-clad women lick
each other's pussies and play with pleasure beads.

Then they turn to their submissive, a huge-tit blonde with a rubber-mask and thigh-high boots, to pleasure her with glass dildos.

Then, in "Someone Is Watching You" Kathleen and Matthew rest on the lake and Miss Eve watches over them as her fantasies take over.

She first imagines them fucking until he cums all over her large tits.

Then she dreams of getting Kathleen in a submissive cage and pleasuring herself over her face.

Nov 5, 2014


RAW 3 & 4

The Raw Series. Live. 

The Raw Series. Live.

Unscripted. As real as it gets!

Captured, stripped and bound again and again-live on tape!
Hogties, chair ties, strappados, frog ties. Bare breasts,
short skirts, skyscraper heels.

Tightly roped elbows and deeply buckled ball gags.
Raw Sessions #3 and #4 together on ONE video!

110 minutes of 100% onscreen rope jobs!!!

Director Jack Banner